Best Western Hotel Innes by HappyCulture


This is the first time that Habitat has managed an entire hotel project. During the operation, the brand's contract department and its Artistic Director Adrien Carvès imagined the premises as a modern house, with an open reception area on the ground floor and two categories of rooms on the upper floors.

Discover the emblatic furnitures and bring Innes home!

The Lobby

From the outset, local authenticity blends with Habitat's overall design vision. The bare brick walls, a tribute to the pink city, provide a backdrop of identity.

The other iconics of the collab' Innes x Habitat

The Rooms

The rooms at the Hotel Innès are surfing the trend. Behind the Hiva headboard, the wall wallpaper gives the A. Its jungle pattern concentrates attention and gives depth to the room.

The other iconics of the collab' Innes x Habitat